HP 7510 Fax setup For Officejet Printer

Do you want to fax your document? Initially, configure your officejet printer with the HP 7510 fax setup by using our guides which are given below.

  • Link the telephone cord and modify the ring settings from your HP printer control panel.
  • Establish the ring settings from the HP printer control panel after connecting a telephone cord. Follow the instructions below to HP 7510 Fax Setup.
  • Unplug any telephone devices from the phone jack that the printer is linked with.
  • Detach the yellow plug from the port labeled 2-EXT on the printer.
  • From the phone jack, unplug the answering machine power cord and then plug-in it to the port labeled 2-EXT on the printer.
  • The fax job might be unsuccessful in case you use any other phone cord instead of the one which came along with the printer to link your printer.
  • Access the printer’s control panel, swipe the display to the left to select Setup option.
  • Navigate to the display, select Fax Setup, Setup Wizard and then trail the instructions displayed on the screen to configure your printer for faxing.

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In accordance with the criteria, you can alter the default settings, Trail the procedures to alter some settings.

Include the contacts to phone book

  • From the printer’s control panel, choose Fax->Send now.
  • Select the Phone Book menu. Navigate to the Phone book menu, press the plus sign and then include your contact.
  • Select the name, index the name and then press Done.
  • Select Fax number and then type the fax number of the contact, choose Done. Choose Add option

Setup the fax volume

  • Open the control panel, move the display on the left and then choose Setup.
  • Select Fax Setup by moving on the display, and then select Preferences.
  • Scroll up to the display, and then choose Fax Volume.
  • Select Soft, off or loud.

Customize the dial type

  • Open the printer’s control panel
  • Navigate to the screen to the left and select Setup.
  • Navigate the display, and then choose HP 7510 Fax Setup Preferences.
  • Choose Dial type
  • Then navigate to display.
  • Choose Tone or Pulse.

Setup the fax speed

  • Navigate your display to the left of the printer’s control panel and then choose Setup for HP Officejet 7510 setup the fax speed.
  • Choose Fax Setup Preferences.
  • Choose Speed.
  • Choose Slow, Medium or Fast.

Modify the rings to answer

  • Open the printer’s control panel, swipe the display to the left and then select Setup.
  • Slide the display, select HP 7510 Fax Setup, and then select Preferences.
  • Slide the display, and then click Rings to Answer.
  • Choose the desired number of rings, and then select done.
  • Slide the display to select HP Officejet 7510 Fax Settings and then select Preferences.
  • Slide the display and then select Rings to Answer.

Set up the fax header

  • Find the option Setup on the control panel of your HP printer.
  • Select Fax setup, Preferences, Fax header using HP Officejet 7510 Fax Settings.
  • Enter your name or company name in Entering your name filed using the keypad and then select done to save the changes.
  • Enter the fax number in Entering fax number field and select Done to save the changes.

How to Scan Double Sided Document – Duplex Scan

HP Officejet 7510 duplex printing offers the ability to perform duplex scans. Before performing the scanning process, ensure whether the upgraded printer software is installed in the printer.

  • Access the HP Assistant Software and then click the printer icon on the printer’s control panel.
  • Choose Scan a document or photo. Choose the style scan and ensure that the box on for Duplex Scan is clicked.
  • The software usually scan the even sides of the document and place the odd sides on the Automatic Document Feeder to scan the odd sides of the documents
  • Access the software and then press Scan document. On the Scan document window, choose Text and Graphic as Image, Text as Image, Editable Text or Editable Text with Graphics.
  • Press Save as file in the destination box close to the bottom of the window.
  • Press Scan. In case the preview window displays, halt until the pages have finished scanning and then press Accept.
  • In case the preview window does not display, a Save As screen will display after completing the scanning for all pages.
  • Utilize the Save in pop-up menu to choose the location to save the document. Enter the desired document name in the File name box and then press your desired file type
  • Press Save and now the file is stored in a image format.
  • Now the software will combine the images into duplex scanned images using HP Officejet 7510 duplex printing.


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